once upon a time...

A small online store was born. 

My PasDeDeux Dance Shop was established in 2015 as a small online shop particularly for ballet items only. The owner, Thalia, realized how scarce and often difficult it is to find a good dance, let alone ballet items in Indonesia. Most of the time, ballet & dance items in general are very costly.  With these thoughts in mind, she began to source while actively 'studying' each dance items in order to find the best, high quality yet affordable (and of course, incredibly useful!) items for dancers in Indonesia. 

As a medical doctor herself, she has since taken an interest in the art of pointe shoe fittings as it is closely related to her medical background. She believes that every dancer has the right to be fitted properly so as to reduce the risk for injuries.

 My PasDeDeux has since grew to cater more items other than ballet, such as Jazz, Lyrical/Contemporary, Gymnastics, etc. We also now offer personalized online pointe shoe fitting (by request) for those who prefer to be fitted virtually (we strongly advise dancers to get fitted professionally in person if possible.)  

We are still growing and will never stop to improve our services for you!

We hope you'll be a part of our exciting journey as we continue to grow our small business. 


With love, 

My PasDeDeux